Supercars vs Fighter Jet

Dallas / Ft. Worth Special Event

When: Saturday, October 19, 2019 | 7:00 AM  2:00 PM
Where: 76177 (map)

Since 2014 Precision Exotics has been dazzling air show spectators across North America every week with our one-of-a-kind performances that put exotic cars against high performance aircraft. However, for some, watching just isn’t enough. In 2016 we partnered with Stacy Newman to create a special event that actually allowed the spectator to become a part of the action by racing their own hyper-car vs a fighter jet! The response was so overwhelming we did it again in 2017, three times in 2018, and we’re doing it again in 2019!

Bring YOUR exotic and race it on the runway at the Ft. Worth Alliance Air Show!

Spectator tickets!!! We are so thrilled to have received inquiries from hundreds of people asking about how they can come and just watch the action. It’s simple! The jet race is private but you can be close to the action from the air show! All you have to do is buy a ticket to the Bell Fort Worth Alliance Air Show. The gates open at 09:00 and are good for the entire air show! The exotic cars will warm up their vehicles on the runway at 9am and the jet race begins at 10am. Visit to buy your advanced tickets now!

This very special event is limited to 20 drivers only, and we expect it to sell out fast! If your exotic is in the shop, or you just want to watch, you can do that too! If you decide to come as a spectator, you’ll be viewing the event from the flight-line, so bring a chair and be prepared to pay Air Show admission. Each driving participant is allowed one guest included with event purchase.

Event Itinerary:

07:00  Participant Arrival Time – Participants will need to arrive no later than 07:30. During this time, you will meet fellow participants and enjoy a light breakfast while the Precision Exotics team performs safety inspections on all participant vehicles.

08:00  Participant Briefing – A driver’s briefing will be conducted at a TBD airport facility to familiarize all participants with the event procedures and safety protocols.

08:45   Start Your Engines! – The group will report to their vehicles for a vehicle warm-up session prior to the actual race. During this warm-up session, drivers will have the opportunity to rip down the runway multiple passes before the actual race begins!

10:00   RACE ON! – Drivers will report to their assigned positions on the taxiway where they will hold for their start. Each driver is assured two opportunities to race against the MiG.

11:00   KNOCK IT OFF! – The entire group will report back to the hanger where they will be given a very quick de-brief and have time to share your experience with the other drivers. During this time, the Precision Exotics team will be positioning the exotics for a Photo Shoot with military fighter jets and possibly even the elite Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team!

13:00   Event Conclusion – Once the Fighter Jet photo session has concluded, participants will be escorted from the Aerobatic Box and the Precision Exotics crew will return the exotics to the hanger. Participants and their guest will then be free to stay and watch the Premiere Naval Flight Demonstration Team, the Blue Angels, perform.